All systems go!

Welcome to the exiting world of home automation and smart home solutions. We at MaJul - Total Home Technology have the knowledge and expertise to make the different components of your house interact with each other. With the integration of stand-alone systems such as climate, security, music, video, lights, sprinklers, shades we are creating personalized solutions with the goal to enhance and simplify your life while providing added comfort, safety, saving, convenience and peace of mind.

From here on out, an assortment of Crestron touchpanels take over. A combination of wall-mounted and portable units throughout the residence allow the effortless control of all of them to synchronize the operation of hundreds of devices, including lights, security sensors, audio and video components, motorized TV lifts, drapery tracks, and swimming pool and hot tub equipment.

Home automation

Utilizing a digital video and audio distribution system to deliver video and music from any source to any display throughout the house.

audio & video

Remarkably, it takes only a few button taps to adjust them all. A spa command, for instance, activates the hot tub, whole-house music system, and exterior lights. entertain, meanwhile, lights up the interior and exterior of the house to welcome guests.


Mounted adjacent to the entry is a stylish Siedle intercom station featuring a biometric fingerprint scanner. The scanner precludes the need for a traditional door lock and keys, as it grants access into the home by reading the pattern of a visitor’s fingerprint. If the device recognizes the fingerprint, the door unlocks; if not, the door stays shut.


Touching the midnight snack button, for example, instantly illuminates a pathway from the upstairs bedrooms to the kitchen.


When the outdoor temperature reaches a certain point, the Davis weather station signals motorized draperies throughout the house to close to keep out the heat. A connection to a weather website also prevents the Rain8net irrigation system from watering the lawn by disengaging the sprinklers if any precipitation is forecasted over the next 48 hours.

Green factor